Sunday, December 22, 2013

Little Known Ways to Hitting a Hybrid

The biggest game improvement club that I have put into my golf bag has been my hybrid. I was skeptical about using a club like this a few years ago but now I absolutely love it.

The best thing about this club is when you learn to hit it correctly, it plays exactly the same pretty much each and every time. It is my favorite club.

A lot of golfers that buy a hybrid assume you must hit it like a fairway wood off the ground. I did the same thing.

When I first took it out on the golf course I would play the club forward in my stance and try to sweep it off the ground. I would end up topping it.

But then I decided to try and hit it more like an iron. I moved the ball into the middle of my stance and concentrated on hitting down on the ball.

Wow! The ball rocketed off the club face and it landed soft onto the green. Boy, I was impressed.

Ever since then this is the way I play my hybrid from about 170 yards out and it shines like no other. 

But the other method I had to get used to was hitting it off a tee. I again had a wood mentality. I played the ball high off the tee, forward in my stance, and it seemed like all I ever seemed to do was pop-fly the ball.

For a while I would only use the hybrid off the fairway and not on the tee box. But it really frustrated me because I was really accurate with this club.

So I set out to figure out the hybrid method of hitting it off a tee was. Do you want to know what I found?

Well, the answer ended up being obvious. I learned to tee the ball up slightly and play the ball just like I do off the fairway. That's it!

The only reason I use a tee from off the tee box is for confidence, but my ball position and my hitting down on the ball is exactly the same as from the fairway. 

These methods for hitting a hybrid has worked tremendously for me and the game has gotten funner as a result. See what you come up with if you are struggling with this golf club.