Sunday, December 22, 2013

Now You Can Know Your Yardage and Pick the Right Club

If you have access to an iPhone or an Android phone you can use apps that show you your on course yardages. I have unlimited data use on my Android phone and I take full advantage of it by using the app called FreeCaddie.

This free app, available on Play Store, has been a blessing. I cannot believe how accurate it is.

Both me and my playing partner use it. He has an iphone and me an Android. And when we compare our yardages they are almost always a match.

We played with another guy a few weeks back that was using a different GPS based golf app and it was amazing how far off his was compared to ours. I'm not sure what the name of his was though, sorry.

But anyway, we all stood on the 150 yard marker and compared all of our phones and ours said 151 yards to the center of the green and his said 163!

This explained why all of his golf shots were flying long. This obviously made him pretty upset.

By the end of the round, though, he had downloaded the FreeCaddie app was starting to play a lot better. Not saying our app is the best, but it sure works great for us amateurs.

It's not a super technical or detailed golf GPS app. For example, it doesn't show how many yards to the first fairway bunker, or how far the greenside bunker is in the back. But it does show you what the front, middle, and rear yardages to the green are. That's pretty much it.

But that's all I need, I love using the FreeCaddie Golf GPS and you should give it a try yourself, unless you already have one that you like. If you do, then awesome!!!