Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Secret of Hitting Longer Drives Off the Tee

When you have been around golf for any amount of time you end up hearing certain phrases that are supposed to be tried and true golf tips.

For example, you may have heard the phrase, 'tee it high and let it fly'. Have you heard it!

Like I said, if you've been around for awhile, this has been spouted out regularly. I've done it religiously since I heard it.

But you know what? For some reason it never really worked for me.

I have a big headed driver with a great shaft and you would think that teeing the ball up high and hitting it on a slightly upward swing that I'd kill the ball down the fairway. Not!!

Yep, I'd concentrate on making sure that my ball was sitting about half way above my driver head, I'd play the ball forward in my stance and then I'd let it rip. But I'd never get any good distance.

Not to mention that my ball would go high and to the right or left. Man, this game can be frustrating!

But then I was told that this was only for professionals and amateurs that had really fast swing speeds. And that instead I should line up the middle of my driver heads sweet spot with the middle of my golf ball.

Well, when I tried this, the first few times I ended up topping the ball horribly. So, needless to say, at first I wasn't convinced.

But I kept trying it and after moving the ball back a little in my stance I ending up hitting the ball pure. Boy did it go!

Not only did my ball fly straighter (bonus) but it travels a lot farther down the fairway. It seems to stay in the air longer and it rolls more as well on dry ground.

Give this tip a try and see what you think!