Sunday, December 22, 2013

Who Else Wants to Automatically Make Short Putts?

Obviously, you do! Or else you wouldn't be reading this right now, right?

I've go to tell ya, this is one area that alludes me a lot of times out on the golf course. I miss the short putts when I should automatically make them.

It always seems to happen when I make a good drive off the tee, followed by a great 2nd or 3rd shot down near the green (or on the green sometimes), and then a nice chip or long lag putt to around the cup.

I line up for the short putt, to end the hole with a pretty decent score, but then I miss the putt. Sometimes twice!!

Are you feeling me?!? Ugh!!!

Well, here is a simple drill that I've been trying recently and it has made a huge improvement in my making short putts. It's not 100% foolproof, but when it comes to golf what is! Here's the drill:

  • Go to the practice green
  • Find a hole that is relatively flat
  • Take your putter and line up about 1 foot away from the hole
  • Without using a ball, make a few practice strokes
  • Your goal is to make sure that your putter-head goes directly over the hole (not to the right or to the left)
  • Keep does this practice drill until you can automatically make your putter-head pass over the hole perfectly every time
  • Once it feels natural to you, drop a ball down and see what your results are

I've made it a habit to arrive early to whatever golf course I'm playing and head over to the putting green. I practice numerous long lag putts first.

When I feel pretty confident with my lag putting, I pick up my ball and perform this simple drill. I keep doing it until putting the ball in the cup feels good.

My confidence feels boosted and I'm ready to go knock in those short putts. Now if only I could get the ball off the tee as consistently!